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Good afternoon all! I can't decide whether this is pure laziness or resourcefulness on my part, but I would like to find out the Christian view on Freemasonry, and thought that some of you might be able to advise or at least offer views!

Many years ago I was taught that it was wrong, to say the least! But in the last 6 months I have met what feels like a disproportionate number of Masons which has got me thinking. Not sure whether its an avid 'welsh thing' or whether I do unknowingly know others from the other side of the water!

I had an awkward moment a few months ago when visited by a then new aquaintance who had revealed 'his allegance' to me a few days before, and was then scanning my bookshelves to find a very old book saying how wrong FM was. He then asked if he should leave! At the time I think I was probably more embarrassed by the book being very old and tacky (clearly one of those terribly low quality freebies that was handed out in the street at some point!?!), but since then I have been trying to work out what I should think/feel on the subject!

The first teaching I heard on this subject were that Christianity and Freemasonry were mutually exclusive. Recent reading suggests that many Christians are indeed Masons, and vv.

I await your thoughts with interest!

PS - am really referring to views on the belief/ movement than how I should feel about the individuals. Am very clear on the 'hate the sin/love the sinner' argument IF indeed it applies here!



It is not easy understanding freemason beliefs because they are shrouded in secrecy. There is a claim that freemasonry is idolatry because they worship a god called jabaalon. A mixture of Baalism and Jehovah.

Secondly it appears that it may be a corrupting system with 'jobs for the boys' etc.

I would say to a freemason that to be a Christian is to give one's allegiance to Christ first in faith and then serve others openly, and put aside anything that might hinder that, such as secret societies.




I've come across a few freemasons both in the church and at work but do not indulge myself. They also help each other which may encourage people to join. I suspect it is something that people may try and not be able to get out of so would not recommend it on the grounds of losing free will!


I speak with a little experience - my Father used to be a mason for many years (only stopped going when he got bored) - I don't know much about any oaths etc they take - but I can say that within my father's 'group' there didn't seem to be a jobs for the boys culture, but they did help each other in a christian manner - so if someone was having problems, they would pull together to help him or the family as needed. Also they give a lot of money to good causes, but generally keep quiet about it. I attended some social functions held by them, and although I wasn't a christian then, never felt there was anything untoward going on - met some lovely people in fact.
As I say, I don't know all the ins and outs - but speak from the little experience I have.


My own experience and knowledge of Freemasonry is limited, but the finest man I ever knew - kind, gentle, modest, selfless and a true Christian - was a Freemason.


There is an interesting book on Freemasonry which looks at the relationship with the church. It's called "The Brotherhood" and is by Stephen Knight. He's fairly critical of the movement, particularly because of its secrecy. It was published in 1984 so I'm not sure if it is still in print.
Hope this helps.


Freemasonry is a secret society.But what of its practices do other people agree that you need prayer to be cut off from its effects if a member of your family was a member?


alrighti my lovely here's what i know ....i have some very close friends who had been trying for a baby for about 12 years they went to a meeting where a man who has got out of freemasonry was now a christian preaching about the dangers of the group.My friends parents and grandparents on both sides were freemasons,now 9 months to the day they had a baby girl! from when they were prayed for the curse to be lifted,now since then they have looked into it and have spoken healing prayers over theor lives in lots of areas.
The reason i know this is because they have oaths they say and prayers they say over themselves,i say prayers quite loosely more like curses,i've seen some and they are awful all about if they turn from the group that all manner of things would happen to them and there families; ie broken bones,heart attack's,family splits,still born children,cancer the list goes on and on.The reason i found all this out is because in my family we don't know the history before my grandad as he was brought up in a home we don't even know his fathers name.Years ago when someone was praying for my dad he senced there was curses in my family through that side.
Now my parents have the only marriage that has worked, broken bones are a normal thing in my family,cancer is again something that seens to happen alot also,now some might say that that happens in alot of families but i believe.
I think all christians should find out as much as they can.


My own late foster father was a freemason, I've had no interest to join nor benefitted from his connections, but would say that although they take oaths and have secrecy, I think a great deal is harmless. I think the organisation should be open and accountable and should stop being sexist. My foster mother does seem to resent that her husband would weekly go to his lodge meeting but not take her out, but she has benefitted from his membership in that she will get a flat through a Masonic chairty.


Hi all,
As a christian with the massonic in your family past, you may want to check out a book called
'freemasonry death in the family' Yvonne Kitchen, ISBN 0-646-34807-8
it gives step by step prayers for the release of families from masonic, antichrist bondages...

the problem is that people go in to this to promote their company or for financial gain etc but the truth is that they go in and call curses on them and their family. For every level they go up, more curses are called down.
Only at the end level do they find out they worship the devil. - (read it in the book).
Anyway one of the biggest problems is that the curses last for a number of generations ( cant remember, but i think its 3 or 4 ). I would suggest that any one who has anything massonic in their background ( or doesn't know), pray off the curses. the prayers are covered in this book, ( tells you the curse for each step ) or you could get another book.

I realise every one has baggage but this one is easy to get rid of, only an hour, or less, of reading and prayers and you and your children will be free. ( worth it I think - affects health, marrage finance etc).

I hope this is of help to all of you.

God Bless
ps - psalm 97v9


Even if you don't believe how dangerous it is what have you got to lose?


Thanks for reccommending the book .Do you know where I could get it?
I have tried the usual places such as Amazon.
My father was a Freemason so I would br very interested to read it.
From what I know about Freemasonry,I am very wary of it,and feel that it has a lot of things in it that are totally imcompatable with Christianity.


Im trying to find the source of the book as shown at the bottom of the page.
If you need something quicker try -

also has a slot on why Charles Finney left Freemasonry

KITCHEN, Yvonne. Freemasonry Death in the Family. Fruitful Vine, P.O. Box 112, Mountain Gate, Victoria 3156, Australia. 1997. A workbook dealing with the spiritual associations of Freemasonry. Provides an in-depth guide for renouncing the many oaths to obtain deliverance for the individual, families and from the generational curses. ISBN 0-646-34807-8



Reading previous comments,Im very alarmed at the lack of knowledge on the dangers of getting involved in Freemasonry.
It is definatly something not to get involved in,Christian or non. The fact it is a secret society should ring alarm bells alone.
I speak from personal experience,of seeing my ex-husband delivered of a spirit of freemasonary,and renouncing the vows and oaths that are made when becoming initiated.He was not directly involved himself--but it was passed down the generational line from his Father.
More information in leaflet or book form can be obtained from Ellel Ministries. or tel.01252 794060 asking for info required.


I would be interested on what difference the deliverance made to your ex husband. Do you know what some of the negative effects are that come with the spirit of freemasonry?
I am trying to find out if it coulf be causing some of the many difficulties that I have had in my life, as my father was a freemason.

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