What do you mean about not being in a relationship?

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Aw, I'm sorry for you Jane, I remember those sleepless nights now you mention it. Just tell yourself 'All things will pass' x


Hey, come to finish the task should have done ages ago, said before want to tell a story here, but pardon my English, it's not my native language.

It’s a story of a little girl, and the story was told in the tone of one of her parents.

Emily was then only 5 years old, she really wanted to attend the school’s cheer leading squad of that year, and practiced a lot, she's so excited of this and talked a lot about it. On the competition day, we were all there to attend as the audience. The performance is so good, I’m so proud of her!

But she wasn’t chosen……on the way back home, she had been sobbing all way through in the car, we really didn’t know what to do, after arriving at home, she ran with tears straight into the cupboard, and crying, we were just so sad. After a moment of thinking, we decided, the whole family, with her two brothers, we went to the cupboard together, we all cried and weeping together, didn’t know how long has past, I said to one of her brother ‘Tod, go to get some tissues’, so he went, and came back with only one tissue, blowing his nose in it. We all laughed, the mood is broken. ....

It's not what we missing, hopefully, it's what we are all to have one day :)


Actually Jane, I was thinking about what you said about missing someone to stay up with the kids and I suddenly felt very thankful to be on my own as I remembered how I never had any help when I was married with taking turns at getting up with a baby to anything else. I was then thinking, maybe we should have a thread with "Things to celebrate about being single" (and I mean that in a very positive way. Then I thought maybe that wouldn't be a suitable thread for a dating site, eh? lol) What do you think?

equador Hannah160

sounds strange i know but the thing i miss most is both being missed by someone and having someone to miss


Dear Wansu that is wonderful and thank you for telling us. I could just imagine the family in the cupboard...cuddling round the little girl and that is how we the church should be with each other. :-)

Ellie I started the thread because I wanted people to be encouraged to keep going with dating even if it does not always produce the results as there are so many wonderful things about being in a relationship.

Your thread idea sounds great so why don't you do it? :-) x


Hey, Ellen, thanks for the catch up ;) phew, the danger of neglected :D

And thanks particularly for this kindness of trying to keep people up around dating, you know on the board , there is a discussion on why online dating stuff doesn't work extremely well, well, I think, one of the reason must be words takes 10% in the communication picture, and we are missing....about 90%, ha ha,

so while we keep each other stirring up, let's organise some meet ups, you sounds like a right person for organising this sort of stuff, and I'd love to give it hand to help? Am in London, where are you based?

That's true, Ellie, it sounds a great idea, go for it, rooting up for you!


Well I think it is important to be happy in yourself and with your own company and then you will, if you meet the right person, have a good relationship. If you are not happy and strong in yourself and you go in to a relationship depending on them to make you happy that may not be a good idea (in my opinion but each to their own) It is wonderful to be in love and be loved.


Hey Wansu thanks for the heads up! :-) You got me in one as I do organise lots of events but have been busy doing other stuff at the mo. I'm in London too. I will pm you and we can take it from there...what sort of things do you want to do ? ( and you can hijack the thread as I think it is good for us all to meet. ) take care.

Ellie just do it ! We would love to discuss what is so good about being single. ;-)


I know what you mean Ellie, about not getting the support you need..... But I do know that there are many men who do help out. Some are full time carers. I think sometimes we make a rod for our own back by doing loads and feeling guilty in asking and saying you need to do more. We all have to work through being in partnership and sometimes people feel guilty about the other person actually doing things.

I hope you find the right person who can take on partnership.

I am used to doing things on my own because my hubby was ill so long, but still he would try his best and still the kids miss the love and support he gave them. That is why they want me to find someone else I think. My son picked up a cushion that said 'A father is someone who lifts you up and holds you there'. Says it all really. It is hard for one person to do it all, but what a wonderful job it is. This morning I heard my littlest calling 'I want my mum, where is my mum'... so sweet.


Being able to share you inner thoughts without fear or hesitation knowing you can always depend on the truthfulness of the answer. A spontaneous hug, the look of pride in your achievements, a touch and just being there ..........


My friend's husband picked her up from uni yesterday as she had a really heavy bag full of books. I had an even heavier bag but had to struggle home. it would be nice to have someone care about me enough to come and get me and my heavy book bag, instead I have a very sore shoulder and back!!! :(


What I dont like is cooking something and thinking Yummy yummy in my tummy and watch your child scoff it down and say "it was alight".

Would be nice to have someone to appreciate your cooking, To feed up!


Hi Ellen, I don't have a very clear map on event and activities, but think there should be something more than just being online, also something relax and natural as well, so that people think it's a natural and right thing to do. Let's do some brian storming together, and we'll start from there.....am sure there are lot to learn there, and am quite happy to learn it. what's the meaning of 'pm' by the way?


Hi Wansu Pm means personal message..it's Facebook-speak..please forgive me...I will put an event up for London peeps to come together soon. Not boring I hope. :-) x


Yes, would love to be part of one and share ideas, thoughts and just some togetherness.

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