Does poor spelling and/or grammar put you off?

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Fountain pens.....ahhhh lovely!
They are so much more beautiful and tactile than just typing on a keyboard.
I do, however still adore my Mac and pens are rather limiting when writing blogs and the like.

I do find it really off-putting when I see large amounts of text 'speak.'
Am I alone in this?


I had to write a four page letter using my fountain pen the other day and found it incredibly tiring: I realised how little I actually write these days. Typing is so much easier than writing longhand, particularly as I can type as fast as I can write. Then again, typing doesn't portray emotion and my writing style seems to change depending on my emotions, as I realised looking back on past diary/journal entries. Has anyone else found that?


Having an English Teacher for a mother when I was growing up, I managed to learn correct spellings and grammar from a very early age, so much so that my primary school hardly had a thing to do when teaching me English.

However, for me it's not that fact that many people stuggle to spell etc, it's more the attitude of some of them to it - that they simply DON'T care - that bugs me more. I appreciate that some people do suffer from dyslexia (that must be the most nightmarish word for a sufferer to try to spell :-D ), infact if someone put on their profile that they are a sufferer, I would be willing and able to cut them some slack.

I believe Microsoft did once try to write an autocorrect program into one of their earlier MS Word packages, but found it couldn't work as it was coming up with alternative spellings that had completely different meanings to what was being written and often changed words that did not require changing.

The current method they use of underlining in red also extends to poorly worded phrases as well as spellings. I am currently working on testimonies sent from London to Perth for catalogue-ing (is that a word?) and I am constantly amazed at how poor the English of some of our students is. I give leeway to those who don't have English as their first language, but the native speakers are sometimes even worse. Some of our testimonies come in video format rather than written word and I have to listen and write the transcript word for word. My word docs end up in a sea of red afterwards, but I'm not allowed to alter them as that could alter the actual storyline of the testimony.

A colleague of mine told me that Americans and Canadians are taught, from a very early age, to speak with confidence and authority at all times. However, he also admitted that they are NOT always taught WHAT to say. But that is another topic altogether.




When I reply to a post, if I make a spelling mistake its underlined in red - I think its done from Google - no idea how, but it makes me feel better knowing that the spelling is correct. Off course it doesn't correct grammar. All of your posts has made me really think about how judgemental I've been reading profiles. Thank you.


Yes it does put me off. Spelling some words wrongly is fine, but often I have had correspondence where sentence structure is odd and I often wonder if it is just copied from somewhere else and badly put together without care. This might sound odd but it has happened to me about five times.


Totally agree with Richard. I understand that some people have a genuine reason for incorrect spelling etc, but I do find that a lot of what I read seems to come across as laziness. It doesn't hurt to run things through a spellchecker (even if you have to copy and paste into an external programme such as Word) or get a friend to read it over. Perhaps I am overly critical though, the English language is one of my passions, so much so that I am doing a home study proofreading course! :-)

equador Hannah160

it used too but now sum of the most intelligent peeple i no are notoriouslee bad spellers, my sister being one of them. However sumtimes with her its dew to being a tad lazie and over abrieviating things becos she's got too used to texting.


and that must have taken ages to type hannah, well done.


You're a star, Hannah!



Actually,if there was a little 'button' like the 'need help?' ones saying 'Would you like us to proof-read for you?' some people might welcome that.And although I allow for poetic licence,being a Trekkie,I'm one of the 'mildly aroused by correctness' type.My son sent me a funny on facebook about 'When a grammar nazi's getting upset,I like to hug them, pat them on the back and say 'There,their they're....'!


i fink paw spelings and puntuashun iz verry atraktiff. I jest.

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