Lets write a fairy story everyone...........

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the Archdeacon had


signed up for a psychology degree even though the true joy in his life was taking the rubbish to the tip, but what..............


heck are Wellard and Scruffy (who bounded in recently) doing with the

(Nice to see 'you' back again Matthew:) )


jar of Marmite and banana?


They were creating Urban Art on the wall of the Police Station next to.......................


a rugby stadium, where the Springbok was going to take on Wales, Scruffy didnt want to miss the biggest game ever. So he suggested that ............


he be smuggled in inside a coppers helmet when.............


a pregnant woman asked if she could borrow the helmet.............Scruffy ran off, his little legs going umpteen to the dozen, he ran through the crowd, ducked under the gate and was inside! Unfortunately he ran straight into........


the bearded man who had mysteriously gone missing.........................


who held a huge pumpkin......


pie which he'd intended to feed to the South African team in an attempt to slow them down thus givinh the Welsh dragons a sporting chance. They said they'd have it after the match so the bearded man took Scruffy and


And bizarrely had swapped his flat cap for a blue and grren fascinator.....


revealed he was really Brian Blessed who was going to take Scruffy up Mount Everest. Which filled Scruffy with dread when...


the furthest he'd been was Blackpool Tower - and then he'd been carried up! Still, nothing ventured etc so


he decided to start training: building up his stamina by chasing 5 postmen a day, he gamely wolfed down 3 Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney pies washed down with a gallon of........

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