Your thoughts on current events, faith matters and other questions that keep you awake at night

Do you have to go to church to be a Christian?

Last post: Richard191
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69 posts / Started: 23:51, Wed 27 Aug 2014

"Better to have loved and lost..."

Last post: Jana603
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14 posts / Started: 11:38, Sun 28 Sep 2014

Anyone for Christian unity?

Last post: Andrew721
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25 posts / Started: 15:43, Sat 09 Aug 2014

Where members can share and air insights on relationships.

To wave or not to wave

Last post: User 118619
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23 posts / Started: 10:12, Sat 27 Sep 2014

UK divorce stats & christian counseling

Last post: Wendy568
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2 posts / Started: 22:25, Mon 29 Sep 2014

Online dating doubts

Last post: User 109865
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5 posts / Started: 15:03, Sat 27 Sep 2014

Please note that Member run events which used to be on here have now MOVED to a special page of their own - Meetups - you can see the link on the top line of most of our web pages.

That is the best place to look if you want to organise or attend an event. But people still post here to encourage people to attend and talk about events generally.

North of Scotland anyone?

Last post: Gordon698
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5 posts / Started: 09:46, Fri 26 Sep 2014

Sir Lancelot's Central Scotland adventures returns!

Last post: User 109865
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1 post / Started: 14:19, Tue 30 Sep 2014

Scottish Meetup Suggestions

Last post: User 109865
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13 posts / Started: 23:38, Thu 11 Sep 2014

Share your funny experiences and thoughts on the mundane to the extraordinary.

'How Tall are You' Profile criteria [A lighter and/or taller Note!]

Last post: User 199615
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21 posts / Started: 19:19, Sun 03 Aug 2014

Random acts of kindness

Last post: Alan536
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7 posts / Started: 17:21, Sat 06 Sep 2014

New format of CC website is not so good.. improvement ideas

Last post: Ian216
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5 posts / Started: 21:35, Thu 18 Sep 2014

Seen a good film, read a great book, music that you want to rave about? Christian Festivals, art, culture, travel..? Here's your chance to have your say.

Disney Films

Last post: User 185131
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5 posts / Started: 23:26, Thu 25 Sep 2014

So what are you listening to......

Last post: Dunk105
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684 posts / Started: 21:52, Wed 21 Mar 2012

Great Romantic or Heartbreak Songs

Last post: User 173524
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11 posts / Started: 18:43, Wed 17 Sep 2014

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Sometimes it can feel as though being single is strange, out of the ordinary, or that we’re somehow missing out on something. But that’s not surprising, when we look at all the role models in our society and in our churches: they’re usually married. From politicians to church leaders to celebrities, everyone seems to be in a partnership. Yet throughout the years, single people have contributed massively to society, and some might not have been able to do this if they were not single. That’s particularly true in the Christian community. So let’s get inspired by the lives of people who were not hitched and never let it stop them do anything.